Photos from the 1950s

Football 1st XI - 1955-56
Football 1st XI – 1955/56

Back: Lambert, Hamilton, Winks
Centre: Mr Critchley, Stainer, Northam, ?
Front: Parker, Earnshaw, Pitman, Woods, Chant

Football XI - 1958/59
Football XI – 1958/59

Football 1st XI - 1958/59
Football 1st XI – 1958/59

Back: ?, G Fryer, M Dunk, B Middleton, D Burge
Front: ? Mainwaring, ?, Mr. Critchley, ?, ?, Morse/Long/Brine?

One thought on “1950s

  1. Keith Moore ( 1950-1956) October 9, 2019 / 1:03 pm

    Left of Mr Critchley is Putnam and to right is Chant then Bishop (Martin)

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