Saturday 9th October 2021 – The Grange Hotel, Oborne DT9 4LA

July 12, 2021

Well, in England at least we seem to be girding our loins and preparing for full scale ‘life as usual’ and so your Committee thought it appropriate to demonstrate some confidence in and support for going ahead with the Annual Reunion Lunch in October.  Details and an application form are attached.

This one will be particularly poignant as it will be the first to be held after the passing of Mike Goode and will be held in his honour with guests from his family present.  Several tributes are planned to this well loved, devoted master and I hope as many of you who are able will be there.

The AGM will go ahead as usual after lunch.

One thought on “Events

  1. Kevin Waterfall October 18, 2016 / 7:47 am

    In Case I have not sent in the following information before.

    I met up with Nigel Sale (59 – 66), nicknamed Sam Sale, when he visited Sherborne to see his mother who is 94.
    Nigel lives with his wife in Durban, but he is a managing partner of ACUO an Operations and Strategy Management Consultant primarily serving the whole spectrum of the Construction Sector in the Middle East. This means that he commutes to work in Dubai so isn’t affected by Southern Rail or other UK commuting issues.
    He is well and as cheery and bright as ever

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