The Great Pound Robbery

The Great Pound Robbery

The following is an extract from the 1966 Fosterian

At the beginning of the year we decided to make a film.  This was to consist of a large number of slides (black and white to reduce cost) which were to be projected at a steady rate and accompanied by a commentary on tape.  The film was to last twenty to thirty minutes.

Many weeks were spent deciding on a subject and experimenting with ‘Johnson’s Reversal Processing Outfit’ to produce positive slides instead of negatives from Ilford F.P.3 film.  Having decided upon ‘The Great Pound Robbery’ as a suitable subject, R. Preston was asked to write a script incorporating ideas thought out by members [of the Photographic Society].  ‘Shooting’ began during the Spring Term.  Film was purchased in 25ft. lengths and processed 20 exposures at a time.  It is estimated that well over 200 pictures were taken and that about 130 of these were used in the final production.

Titles were recorded by backward enlargement and the tape recording was made in two stages with background music and sound effects added to M. Rust’s voice.

The film was well advertised and shown on three days in July.  Each performance was highly successful and many boys saw it twice, resulting in a profit for the Society Funds.  (M.P.H.)

Now (April 2020) ‘M.P.H.’ – Max Horsey – has transferred the film into modern digital media and a short sample is available on this link:

Amongst other things it is a fascinating pictorial history of school life in 1966 and I am sure will prove quite nostalgic for many.

If anyone would like a full copy of ‘The Great Pound Robbery’ please get in touch and I’ll pass your details on to Max.  Simon Newell (