School House Football - 1970
School House Football – 1970

Back: T A H Burt, G A Sheward, C Catton, P J E Oatley, P D Churchill, A A Burch, R S Cripps
Front: K J McClenaghan, S L G Crane, J G C Neads (Capt.), D A D Widdowson, C A Neill

School House Rugby - 1970
School House Rugby – 1970

Back: P M D Widdowson, T R Lawes, I T Paul, P D CHurchill, G M Foxwell, S H Newell
Front: R C Taylor, C A Neill, S L G Crane, C A Sheward (Capt.), A A Burch, R J Stone, K J McLenaghan

School House Football - 1971
School House Football – 1971

Back: S H Newell, R J Stone, M Challoner, S F Linham, P D Churchill, R C Taylor
Front: C A Sheward, C A Neill, S L G Crane (Capt.), K J McLeneghan, A A Burch

School House U14 Rugby - 1971
School House U14 Rugby – 1971
U14 Football 1973
U14 Football 1973

Sent in by Ned Heasman
Ned Heasman, Nigel King, Phil Barcilon, Tim Ashmore,  Alan Winter, Steve Penny, Malcolm Hunt, Rich Rowe
Anthony Rendall, Alan Oliver, John Andrews, Chris Broadhurst (C), ?, Roger Pipe, Trevor Howe

U14 Cricket 1973
U14 Cricket 1973

Sent in by Ned Heasman
? , Phil Barcilon, Mark Warren, Steve Jones, Steve Penny, Alan Winter, Malcolm Hunt, Steve Trew
?? , John Andrews,  Ned Heasman (C), Chris Broadhurst, Richard Rowe

Rugby - 1973
Rugby – 1973
U14 Football - 1975
U14 Football – 1975

Back: Green, Parsons, Carroll, Chaffey, Puplett, Brummell, Rayner
Front: Podger, Hillman, Sergeant, Gould, Batten

Football - 1975
Football – 1975

Back: Richard Rowe, Chris Broadhurst, Phil Barcilon, Dave Beeby, John Partridge, Mark Winter(?), Ned Heasman
Front: David Hunt, Paul Sergeant, John Treasure, Rick Jones, Andrew Mellor

Rugby - 1975?
Rugby – 1975
Rugby - 1975
Rugby – 1975 – take 2

Back Row: Mike Cowdrey, Lance Beaton, Paul Sargeant, Paul Bingham, Rick Jones, Rupert Smith, David Hunt, Paul Carter, Paddy Gill
Front Row: Chris Broadhurst, Barry Jones, Richard Howell, David Beeby, John Treasure, John Partridge, Phil Barcelon, Dick Warren

Rugby - 1977
Rugby – 1977

Back Row: Emm, Dixon, Hodges, Simmons, Kilvington, Simpson, P Danker, Hurst, Devoto
Front Row: Deserra, Manuel, Warrender, Shackle (Capt.), Davies, Ayling, Carr
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

U13 Rugby 1979
Rugby - 197x
U14 Rugby – 1974?

Back Row: ?,Tim Carter,?,Rob Green,?,?,Colin Birch, Rich Rayner,?,Les Hillman, Clive P
Front Row: ?,Rob Carroll, Pete Manual, Dave Sargeant, Derrick Puplett, Tim Davis, Jonathon Moyle, Paul Gould

Cricket XI - 198x
U16 Cricket XI – 1976?

Back Row: Tim Carter, Rob Green, Rich Raynor, ?, Colin Burch, Rob Carroll, Paul Gould, ?
Front Row: ?, Clive Saunders, Dave Sargeant, Les Hillman, Derrick Puplett

Cricket - 197x
Cricket – 197x

Back Row: Carr, DeSerra, Hurst, Leopard, Simmons, Weston, Henderson, Saint, Stoley
Front Row: Davies, Ayling, Dolbear, Kilvington (capt.), Shackle, Manual, Warrender
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

Football 1st XI - 1979
Football 1st XI – 1979

[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

1st XV Rugby - 1979
1st XV Rugby – 1979

[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

Back L-R: Nic Brummel, Steven Kilvington, Mark Partridge, Simon Clifford, Paul? Hart, Graham Brown, Alan Fazackerly, Greg Hurst.
Front L-R: Tim Carr, John Simmons, Ian Hunt, Martin Gardner, Andrew Howe, Rob Carroll, Kevin Hunt, Mark Shackle, Andrew Marks.

U14 Cricket - July 1979
U14 Cricket – July 1979

BAck Row: Carr, Bradshaw, Saint, Mainwaring, Simpson, Hollay(?), Ayling, Snell
Front Row: Reynolds, Curson, Perham, Sloley (Capt.) Balsom, Cossens, Stringfellow
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

Rugby - 1977
Rugby – 1977

Back Row: Hann, Jarvis, Hunt, Stafford, Hart, Symmons, Carr, Rawlinson, Robins
Front Row: Dolbear, Davies, Marks, Fazackerley, Shackle
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

U14 Football - 1976
U14 Football – 1976/77

Back Row: Tompkins, Partridge, Stafford, Hunt, Hurst, Batterberry
Front Row: Carr, Robins, Jarvis, Fazakerley, Hann, Marks, Shackle
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

U14 Cricket - 1976
U14 Cricket – 1976/77

Back Row: Blythe, Dolbear, Hunt, Partridge, Fazakerley, Kilvington, Dolbear, Carr
Middle: Hann, Tompkins, Robins, Marks, Shackle, Hastings, Banfield
Front: Jarvis, Warrender, Slowley
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

U14 Rugby - 1976/77
U14 Rugby – 1976/77

Back: Tompkins, Stafford, Bale, Carr, Fazakerley, Dolbear
Middle: Gregory, Fricker, Hunt, Warrender, Dawson, Banfield
Front: Buckland, Partridge, Robins, Marks, Hann, Jarvis, Dolbear
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

1st Form Rugby 1976/77
1st Form Rugby 1976/77

Back: Downton, Cuff, Joyce, Simpson, Cheney, Tilston, Harvey, Knobbs
Front: O’Callaghan, Chant, Ayling, Carr, Snell, Balsom, Reynolds
[Sent in by Mrs Carr]

13 thoughts on “1970s

  1. Anonymous April 16, 2013 / 3:18 pm

    1975 Footie first team. Missing names are Richard Rowe and Mark Winter?(Ithink) – John Treasure

  2. Martin Gardner (1976-1980) January 26, 2015 / 8:48 pm

    1st XV Rugby 1979:
    Back L-R: Nic Brummel, Steven Kilvington, Mark Partridge, Simon Clifford, Paul? Hart, Graham Brown, Alan Fazackerly, Greg Hurst.
    Front L-R: Tim Carr, John Simmons, Ian Hunt, Martin Gardner, Andrew Howe, Rob Carroll, Kevin Hunt, Mark Shackle, Andrew Marks.

    Not pictured but I also remember in that team: Peter Chaffey, William Stafford.

    I loved playing in that team – we were young (only 4 Upper VI in that picture and a couple of fifth years) and not very big, but quick, and we won every game that season.

    • Martin Gardner January 27, 2015 / 12:28 pm

      Colin Hart; sorry Colin!

    • Bill Stafford October 27, 2017 / 3:31 pm

      Yes. I was in that team. Couldn’t stay for the photo…thanks, Ken.

  3. Mick Davis August 13, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    u-14 football 1973 – ? Person is Mike Davis ????

  4. Robert D June 7, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    Holy crap looks like a long time ago now…what a different world we lived in then.

  5. SIMON CHANT September 12, 2018 / 3:41 pm

    1974 U14 RUGBY

    1 ?

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