U14 Football - 1945/46
U14 Football – 1945/46

Back: Mr H Lush (Headmaster), M J Miscombe, M G Hounsell, O G Smith, G B W Cuff, D Kendall, Mr J A Cannon
Middle: J Walters, J H F Devoto, P Harris, R L Warren, C Bartlett
Front: P W Doble, T J Henstridge, F G Tuck

OFA Cricket XI - June1947
OFA Cricket XI – June, 1947
Football 1948-49
1st XI Football 1948-49

Back row: Mr P D F Miller, C Tapper, G B Dunn, M G Hounsell, J Stenhouse, J C Neal, C J Brown, Mr J Bogan
Centre: J Walters, C C Gilaysher, W I Baggs, G V Oakley, R C J Hann
Front: J C Bungay, P W Bown

U14 Football - 1949-50
U14 Football – 1949-50

2 thoughts on “1940s

  1. denis ball April 28, 2015 / 3:45 pm

    u14 football 1949-50 back row cliff mogg terry ham,eddie shire,denis tuffin,john curtis marc johns.front row,rob earnshaw,ken house,phil antell,denis ball,tony roberts.seated bryan duff,bryan moore.

  2. Anonymous May 28, 2015 / 10:59 am

    My Dad Michael G Hounsell – his birthday today – still fit as a fiddle and a great dad and grandpa. Happy Birthday Dad!

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