School Plays

Midsummer Nights Cream Programme - 1948?
Midsummer Nights Dream Programme – 1948?
Midsummer Night's Dream Presentation Certificate - 1948
Midsummer Night’s Dream Presentation Certificate – 1948

Importance of Being Ernest Cast - 195?
Importance of Being Ernest Cast – 195?

Cast from left to right: John Worthing: John (Chimp) Knight, Merriman (butler to Worthing): John Jameson, Cecily Cardew: Michael Dunk, Rev. Chasuble: Philip Stainer, Lady Bracknell: John Read, Miss Prism: Raymond Harris, Hon. Gwen Fairfax: David Evans, Lane (Moncrief’s Valet): Peter Gregory, Algernon Moncrief: John Hambleton.

The Importance of Being Ernest
The Importance of Being Ernest – 195?
Henry IV
Henry IV – 1952

Cast – Falstaff: Perry, King: Sidaway, Hotspur: Chubb, Mistress Quigly: John Jameson, Earls: Hambleton, Moore.

Julius Caesar - 1957
Julius Caesar – 1957

Sent in by Brian Isaacs.  His words: “Just found this in the attic! Photo of Fosters School presentation of Julius Caesar in 1957. I played a rather fetching “Calpurnia” (front row far right). Remember I would have preferred to be cast as third Roman soldier as they had great uniforms and real swords! Great sword fights in the gym every night!”


L To R: Jane Smart; David Ferguson;  John Blackwell; Joe Brown; Paul Dawkins; Adrian Lincoln; Geoffrey Quick; Elizabeth Sharpe; Diana Churchill; Richard Nichols; Niall Munro and Neil Gillard

LDS The Crucible - 1973
LDS The Crucible – 1973

Sent in by Caroline Herring: L-R back row: ?,?,Heather Drake, Josephine?, Rachel Chadbourn, Deb Wright, Mandy Steele,
L-R Middle Row: Alison Childs, Pippa Leslie-Jones, Katrina Chaffey, Deb Shepherd, Kitty Anderson, Laura Hill, Sarah Mildenhall, Gill Taylor, Gill Borshell, Caroline Herring.
L-R Front row: Frances Gibb, Sidney(Sydney?) Francis, ?, Jenny Konko, ?, Linda Schofield.

Twelfth Night - December 1973
Twelfth Night – December 1973
Under Milk Wood Dec 1974
Under Milk Wood Dec 1974

Top window left: Rachel Chadbourne
Back Row: ?, ?, ?, ? — Chris Broadhurst, Phil Barcelon, ?, ?, ?
Middle row: Judy Pheysey,?,Alison Childs, Fiona Shotter, ?, ?, Heather Drake, Paul Bingham, Simon Easton, Hugh Jenkins, Simon Horsley, Deborah Wright, Gillian Borshell, Barry Jones
Front row: Don’t know any of their names.

Patience Feb 1976
Patience Feb 1976
Patience - February 1976
Patience – February 1976
Patience 1975
Patience Feb 1976 – Bunthorne and Grosvenor

Reginald Bunthorne (Paul Bingham) and Archibald Grosvenor (Hugh Jenkins) – The Fleshly Poets in Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan.  How embarrassing were those costumes, particularly the wigs and the buckles on the shoes!!

The Crucible Dec 1976
The Crucible Dec 1976

Back Row: Kevin Parsons, ?, Fiona Shotter, Steve Wheatley, ?, Tim Ashmore, Johnny Moyle
Middle Row: Chris Broadhurst, ?, ?, Phil Barcelon, Bill Niven, ?
Front Row: Sarah Woods?, Pippa ?, ?, Sydney Francis?, ?, Heather Drake, ?

School Play – Her Honour In Peril – Programme 1991

10 thoughts on “School Plays

  1. Paddy Beatt November 11, 2010 / 2:28 pm

    Twelfth Night was Dec 1973

  2. Sarah Harkness September 6, 2011 / 9:08 pm

    Front row of Under Milk wood:? Kevin Hunt, Laura Weston, Sarah Churchill, Beccy Lane, Sarah Penney (me!), Sally Taylor. I can also spot ? Bill Niven, Chris Beardshaw? and Fiona Shotter

    The Crucible – Laura Weston, Glynnis Congreve, Julie Swindells and Jonathan Moyle (RIP)

  3. Sarah churchill-moss September 8, 2011 / 11:05 pm

    The crucible – I can spot Jenny Dear, Fiona Shotter, ?Tim Ashmore, Mark Brummell

    • Sarah churchill-moss September 8, 2011 / 11:32 pm

      also syd francis

      • Sarah churchill-moss September 8, 2011 / 11:33 pm

        ? chris broadhurst

  4. Bill Stafford December 22, 2012 / 12:19 pm

    Under Milkwood front row from left: Alan Fazackerley, Kev Hunt, then a load of girls then Tim Carr and a bloke I don’t remember
    Got a couple of players in the Crucible 76, too.
    Steve Wheatley middle of the back row
    Right of Phil B, middle, is somebody Niven
    Front row, middle is Cyd somebody, next to her is Julie Summerbell ( I think) and far right is Laura Weston, Paul’s elder sister.

    • Bill Stafford December 22, 2012 / 12:25 pm

      Of course it would’ve been better if I’d read the other replies first!

  5. Kevin Parsons October 9, 2015 / 9:23 am

    The Crucible – top row 1st left – Kevin Parsons, 4th left Steve Wheatley, 7th left at the end, definitely Johnny Moyle (RiP), Middle row 5th left, Bill Niven, As for the front row, I think, to be confirmed, that 4th left is Sydney Francis and 1st left I think is Sarah Woods.

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