More new photographs

Cadets 1956
Cadets 1956 - Mr McKay and Mr Maltby to the left.

Thanks go to John Jameson (a boarder  from 1951-56) who sent these in, two photographs of Cadet Corps parades in 1956 and some of a couple of plays at the school in the mid-1950’s.  John now lives in Tasmania and has recently re-joined the OFA and was asking after other Old Boys from his years.  John updated us with the following information:




I have been in Australia for over 50 years, and Tasmania for 33 years,
working primarily in the public sector. I was a Deputy Secretary in the
Tasmanian Department of Justice, and Registrar-General of Births, Deaths
and Marriages. I was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1990 and on
retirement in 1989, a Civil Marriage Celebrant. I have an interest in Ethics
and am currently a member of the University’s Research Ethics Committee.