A new look for a new year

I’ve refreshed the website’s design with a new look and may move the site off wordpress.com and onto a dedicated server soon so that it can get even more funky features – I’d like to add a history timeline and some other stuff that can’t be done using wordpress.com. I’d also like to remove any advertising that may be appearing because of the wordpress.com hosting.

If anyone has any suggestions for the site please let me know, I could add a social network type section as well if people would use it?

Foster’s School exhibition update

The Foster’s School exhibition is drawing to a close but will be open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in February and March, so there is still time to catch it if you have not yet visited. The booklet to accompany the exhibition Looking Back at Foster’s School is available (downloadable via Dropbox) at the Sherborne Museum website www.sherbornemuseum.co.uk (see Schools and Education). This booklet now contains some additional chapters including some information on those who came back to see the exhibition. It has been a very successful exhibition and I would like to thank all those who came to view it on behalf of the volunteers at Sherborne Museum. This exhibition will be followed by a look back at Lord Digby’s School, currently in preparation.

Barbara Elsmore

January 2014

Lord Digby’s exhibition at the Sherborne Museum


Looking back at Lord Digby’s School

There will be a new exhibition about Lord Digby’s School running from 1 April to 16 December 2014

I have met with June Helson, former pupil and teacher and with Pauline Batstone, former pupil and president of the Old Girls’ Association and plans are now well under way for the opening of the exhibition after Easter. The exhibition will then run for a year. Around Founder’s Day, in May, the window of the museum will also be used to display various larger items of memorabilia. As with the exhibition in 2013, for Foster’s School, there will be a series of articles on the school. These articles, it is hoped, will ‘grow’ as old girls of the school come forward to share their memories. In the case of Foster’s, which started out as half a dozen chapters, it eventually grew to 18 by the close. So the challenge is on can the girls equal or even exceed this!

There is further information and you can download the booklet ‘Looking Back at Lord Digby’s School on the Sherborne Museum website www.sherbornemuseum.co.uk. This booklet will be added to during the course of the exhibition.

Barbara Elsmore January 2014

Contact with The LDSOGA!

The Lord Digby’s School Old Girls Association has been in touch and have promised to give us some information and magazines and stuff to expand the site.  This is fantastic news!  I’ve been a bit busy recently at work but will soon be putting up some stuff here for them and hope to grow the site with lots of information about the sister school that we all appreciated so much.

There is now a photo up (first of many I hope) and a form for Old Girls to join the LDSOGA on the membership pages.  Filling this in will get details directly to their membership secretary.


More magazines up

After a marathon scanning session spanning a few weekends, I’ve uploaded all the magazines that Ken House found for me.  Saved the biggest 80-pager until last from 1981.

The set is quite comprehensive now but there are still a few gaps so if anyone has any of those missing ones and wouldn’t mind scanning them or lending them to me to scan in please get in touch!

I have a small number of items left to scan in and put up, should be done before Christmas!

2012 Dinner

The OFA AGM and dinner were held at the Sherborne Hotel last night and what a great night it was again.  A very good turnout from a wide range of eras were present.  A fine carvery dinner was enjoyed and a few bottles of wine were consumed.  Thanks must go to the committee for organising yet another successful reunion dinner.

Thanks to the efforts of Ken and John House and the museum staff, the archive of Fosters material at the Sherborne museum is now catalogued and the catalogue is available at the museum for anyone to see.  The collection is kept in boxes but there will be an exhibition next year, probably around the Founders day service which will be held on the 11th May 2013.

Ken has given me two folders of old photographs and other items including many of the missing magazines to be put up here and I’m going to be quite busy scanning and updating.  Some quite fascinating stuff in there and going back a lot further than the material that I have on here so far.  I’m probably going to need your help in identifying some of the years and definitely a lot of the names of those in the photographs.